About Us

Meridian Systems

We have been developing commercial software
solutions since 1982.

Meridian Systems has established a reputation for providing software services of the highest quality. Our software operates at world-class standards in terms of speed, reliability and functionality. We have a proven track record of resolving client issues well ahead of any contract benchmarks.

Our versatile products all conform to Australian and international quality standards AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015. All our quality management systems are third-party certified by Sci-Qual International, with our accreditation registered with JAS-ANZ.

MCAD Suite

MCAD Suite is a complete Computer Aided Dispatch system that enables public service agencies to deliver efficient and effective emergency services. The MCAD suite provides a comprehensive set of tools to support all aspects of service delivery in a single or multi-agency environment.

As a leader in CAD software, Meridian Systems has successfully provided CAD tools and commercial software for almost thirty years. Our systems have managed hundreds of thousands of emergency incidents and millions of CAD transactions.

Since December 1994 we have provided the Computer Aided Dispatch Tools, 24/7 support as well as all system maintenance. In 1996 we developed the Alarm Manager that provided fire alarm monitoring for some 2000+ hospitals, schools and other public facilities. The MCAD Suite has been continually developed to implement emerging technologies, and to meet ongoing clients needs.

Additional Larger Projects

In addition to the MCAD Suite our larger projects include:

Our first commercial system in 1982 for a Sydney based company ran continuously for sixteen years.

Upgraded the Brisbane City Council’s public light monitoring system.

Developed hospital security module used in South East Asian hospitals.

Developed blood sample evaluation software used at Royal Brisbane Hospital.

Developed the electronic interface between Energex and Brisbane City Council for monitoring the major Brisbane water supply pumps and installations.

Developed Australian version of US trade software, used across Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea.

Developed resource management software used in Brisbane City Council's 24/7 incident management call centre.

Developed life insurance software used by a major insurance company across Australia.