Our fully integrated suite of
Computer Aided Dispatch Products

MCAD Control Centre

Our most advanced release of MCAD Control Centre integrates VoIP Turnout, and high visibility turnout displays, while maintaining full backward compatibility with legacy turnout hardware. MCAD Control Centre delivers unprecedented speed, functionality, and continuous availability when every second counts.

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MCAD Incident Manager

MCAD Incident Manager brings together 20 years of CAD experience into a single world class system. Fully integrated mapping allows rapid geospatial decision making in identifying location, resource requirements and potential hazards. MCAD Incident Manager is easily customisable to meet your specific requirements.

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MCAD Turnout

Delivering a high performance user interface with a wide range of audio path options, MCAD Turnout links CAD operators directly with dispatch personnel. Our latest release provides greater flexibility and total redundancy with high quality VoIP connections to the turnout point.

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MCAD Station Unit

The MCAD Station Unit is industrial strength technology that delivers high speed, dependable station turnout functionality at the dispatch point. Built on ELO technology, the MCAD Station Unit seamlessly integrates into the MCAD Suite incorporating our complete VoIP turnout solution.

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MCAD Station Display

The MCAD Station Display turns an ordinary large screen TV into a highly visible turnout display. Turnout information is instantly viewed by all dispatch personnel for a faster, more accurate response to emergencies.

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MCAD Alarm Manager

Thousands of public buildings have been monitored by our alarm software as far back as 1996. As a dependable solution MCAD Alarm Manager gives visibility to the status of all alarms and rapid response to alarm activations. Full access to alarm management is also available through this module.

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MCAD Turnout Printer

Station printers provide immediate, accurate incident information when every second counts. These Star Micronics TSP800 high speed thermal printers deliver outstanding quality and reliability.

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MCAD Warm Site

MCAD Suite Warm Site provides a new level of server redundancy for MCAD Turnout Control Centre installations. Turnout functionality may be instantly switched to a warm site without interruption to service delivery.

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MCAD Training Simulator

The MCAD Suite Training Simulator brings the turnout environment right to the desktop of any training room. Without need for expensive audio switching and turnout hardware this simulator set can provide true to life responses for training in all turnout functions

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